Undergraduate Research Experiences

Finding A Mentor part 2

My search for a mentor has finally come to an end. It took some careful thinking and work, but I feel that I made a good choice. At first, I was afraid that my mentor of choice might not agree. Fortunately, after a second round of questions, my mentor of choice has agreed to mentor me. I will also be working a lot with my mentor’s students in laboratories. It all sounds incredibly interesting. I am getting excited just thinking about it! It is relieving to know that an important part of my undergraduate research program is complete. However, this is just the beginning of my journey! There is still a great deal of work to be done.

My next step is to write my proposal. I will need to find some articles to read to get started on this step. I am also still developing my research question, which I need to proceed as well. It will be the base of my research. I know I can do it. I can develop a focused research question.  There is still about a month and a half left to the proposal deadline, but this does not mean that I intend to be careless. In fact, I plan to tend to the proposal and question aggressively! I have already started setting up a meeting with my mentor to discuss the matter, and perhaps gain some ideas for articles to read.

There is still  a great deal of work to be done and my journey is far from over. I am not exactly sure what to expect will happen or what I will find in the path ahead. All I am 100% sure of is that I will continue my journey to the end. I am motivated, curious, and deeply invested. My goal will be achieved, but likely not alone.


Comments on: "Finding A Mentor part 2" (2)

  1. Nice job being proactive in thinking ahead to your proposal. Your hard work and dedication will help make your project a success!

  2. Gabriela,

    I am so moved by how much you have invested in your research experience, although you have just chipped the tip of your journey! Your enthusiasm and intrest are increasingly contagious. Watching you grow and find yourself through this journey is very rewarding. I look forward to gaining a better understanding about the research you are investing in and how it will affect our lives. I look forward to hearing more about the nature and significance of your reseach as well as the articles that apply to your research experience, their significance, and the proposal you draw from them.

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