Undergraduate Research Experiences

Narrowing the Topic Part 2

As I read more about superconductors, I cannot help becoming excited. The information from the articles is so interesting! So far I am focusing on type 2 superconductors. I am focusing on type 2 superconductors for several reasons. First, my mentor and his research group is already working on this type of superconductor. Second, my mentor recommended I take this course as it utilizes more physics. Third, I was actually able to observe some of the processes involved with researching type 2 superconductors.

To further narrow my topic, I was recommended to look up matching effects in type 2 superconductors. Thus far I found that matching effect has to do with magnetic fluxes or vortices becoming trapped in holes milled into a material in a specific way. The resulting effect of this enhances the critical current of a superconductor. I still need to read more to be more accurate of course. I have found a book on superconductors that may help me to further understand the concepts; it has already aided me a bit.

As I continue my research I still feel a bit uneasy about my abilities. I do not have particularly advanced knowledge of physical or mathematical concepts, wich makes reading articles on the subject matter challenging. This does not stop me, however. I will continue to research type 2 superconductors and prepare my  proposal, which is due very soon. I can do it as long as I remain committed, and perhaps a bit merciless. It is all a part of the journey, and I still have long way to go.


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  1. You have a great attitude toward your project! Doing the necessary background research before you begin working can be challenging, but you’re right..there is so much you can learn from it!

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