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Half Way There

I finally have my topic. It is still about type 2 superconductors. The goal is to understand the effects defects have on current carrying abilities of a superconductor.  What has been observed so far in research of superconductors is that defects in a superconductor can pin moving vortices, which improves the current carrying abilities of a superconductor. Now, the desire is to pin more vortices and further improve superconductivity. However, how to pin more vortices is a challenge as it is not known as to what pattern of defects traps an absolute maximum number of vortices.

I am excited to research this topic. However, I will not be starting the next part, hands on research, until spring. Until then, I will continue to read more on this topic. I have learned a lot so far, but I know I still have much more to learn. My journey is now half way done, and half still to go. It keeps getting more interesting as I go along, which makes me very excited. I must remain calm and in control, however, so that I maintain a high level of focus.


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