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Nearing the End

My project is just about done now. I am still working on it, and making progress. For example, I have gone to Argonne National Laboratory again to learn about wire bonding. The process of wire bonding can be lengthy as certain conditions arise. The wires may not always bond to the sample immediately, which can be affected by the type of sample and some wires may break while bonding others. To summarize, wire bonding requires patience and perseverance.

I am still learning a lot and am enjoying my experience. I must acknowledge, however, that I am nearing the end of this experience. It has been fun and I would like to continue. Perhaps this project is not the end of my journey. From what I can see and hope, this research experience may be just the beginning.



This past month has been quite exciting and educational. I managed to go out to Argonne again and observe photolithography. Now, I will be getting more hands on with the project, as I will be spending more time working in the lab. It is getting easier to understand the concepts and processes involved, which is good because I will need this knowledge as I continue.  When looking back at where I started, I have come a long way.  I will continue to move forward and learn, but not alone.

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