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Week 2 Of SROP

The second week of SROP has not been too bad. I have submitted my project proposal and am on schedule with my timeline. For the rest of this week and next week, I will be studying more about the basics on electron diffraction. There may also be some training on the electron microscope. Then, I will actually start to get hands on experience! I will be using an electron microscope to study metal oxide crystals. This is just a very general description, however, which brings about another thought.

I am very privileged to be in SROP! I and my fellow SROP participants were given a tour of the company Nanophase, which deals a lot with metal oxides. We also got an informative and amusing talk from the CEO of Nanophase! I almost feel guilty for how kindly we are being treated! Besides the research experience, I am being more social than usual. There is really a sense of community that has been intertwined in this program! Every Tuesday we have social outings with SROP and several other program participants. This week we went bowling. It was a lot of fun. I ended up breaking my previous bowling score of consistent gutters!

Well… it has been nice chatting but it is time to get back to work. How fun!


First day of SROP

I was very exited when I woke up. It was the first day of SROP! Immediately we dove into work. We were taught what was expected of us, in a very understandable and caring manner. We also started the proposal writing process, formulating our research questions and collecting articles to read. It may seem a bit immediate or rushed, but I expect nothing less from this delightfully structured and challenging program. The work is not bad so far, though it does require responsible planning and effort. I truly look forward to being able to get more research experience. Working alongside a professional in my field, physics, is quite an honor and privilege that I am willing to work hard for. The only thing that makes me feel a bit nervous is that my project will be very challenging, as I have not had all the classes needed for a very strong background. I will have to study, learn, ensure I am communicating an confusions with my mentor, and probably talk with some of my new-found friends in SROP who may also have some answers. However this project progresses, I am going to give it my full effort!

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