Undergraduate Research Experiences

First day of SROP

I was very exited when I woke up. It was the first day of SROP! Immediately we dove into work. We were taught what was expected of us, in a very understandable and caring manner. We also started the proposal writing process, formulating our research questions and collecting articles to read. It may seem a bit immediate or rushed, but I expect nothing less from this delightfully structured and challenging program. The work is not bad so far, though it does require responsible planning and effort. I truly look forward to being able to get more research experience. Working alongside a professional in my field, physics, is quite an honor and privilege that I am willing to work hard for. The only thing that makes me feel a bit nervous is that my project will be very challenging, as I have not had all the classes needed for a very strong background. I will have to study, learn, ensure I am communicating an confusions with my mentor, and probably talk with some of my new-found friends in SROP who may also have some answers. However this project progresses, I am going to give it my full effort!


Comments on: "First day of SROP" (1)

  1. Gabriela,

    Great job so far! I am excited to see how your research turns out!


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