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Week 8 (final)

We are now well into the 8th and last week. I have been practicing and reviewing my notes for the upcoming symposium. So far I feel comfortable and ready to present my project, yet still a bit nervous! I put a lot of effort into putting my poster together. explaining concepts and results and adding necessary pictures was difficult to do in a limited space. However, I feel that I managed the task well.

The past 8 weeks have been amazing and challenging. I really have been able to push myself beyond what I even knew what I was capable of. My experience in the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) will be unforgettable, I am sure! I have had so many more opportunities in field trips, hands on work, useful and enriching workshops, and social interactions than I anticipated. It has been wonderful and exciting to the point that I feel pampered rotten.

My overall ending view of SROP can be summarized in a short poem:

Summer is said to be a time for fun. A time for fun for everyone!
We all have our own interests. A different thought of what is fun.
What a conflict! How do we solve this woe?
Research! How so?
Research is the connecting umbrella that we all share.
It is natural. It is the little thought of instinct we call curiosity.
It is passion. It ignites the flame of motivation.
The umbrella (research) brings us together to learn. It brings us together to grow.
We are the umbrella!We are research!


Week 7 of SROP

Week 7 is at an end. My poster has been submitted for printing, after rigorous proofreading and revising. Now, I have my final report to write and presentation to practice. I could not have gotten this far without everyone’s help! I am especially grateful of my mentor. He constantly encourages me to do my best and reassures me that everything will work out fine, “Don’t panic”. I am both very excited and nervous for the upcoming symposium. I want to present well, which is a matter of practice.I am sure I can do it!

I am happy and honored to have been accepted into the Summer Research Opportunity Program!
The experiences I have had during this program will be unforgettable. The people I have met and places I have gone have been wonderful and inspiring. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident socializing in a relaxed casual setting. This type of setting was perhaps the most difficult for me to handle before I started SROP. Overall, almost every skill, if not every skill, I have has been improved as a result of participating in SROP.

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