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Beginning round 2

It is great to be back in Research Rookies!
I get to continue to grow and get hands on in physics! This time, I will be combining my knowledge of superconductors and LSMO for my project. The focus is to continue to analyse the LSMO structure, this time using Dark Field imaging, with applications to YBCO superconductors. It is going to be a lot of work, but I cannot think of anything more fun or interesting! I have already gotten to work on my project. So far, I have read several articles on YBCO and LSMO as well as started reading some books on Dark Field imaging. Besides research, I have a new responsibility in Research Rookies.

I am a peer leader this time. I want to do my best to ensure the comfort and success of my fellow peers. Since this is my first time as an official peer mentor, I worry that I might not fulfill my duties adequately enough. This worry is mostly due me being a bit of a perfectionist. Regardless, I will due the best that I can!


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