Undergraduate Research Experiences

November (nonpoetic)

Hello everyone! I promise not to be confusing and poetic this time. I still feel like I am moving a bit slow in my project. I have started looking at the dark field images that were obtained over the summer. So far I am writing descriptions of each image and analyzing what they could mean. so far I have written and analyzed half of one of the images. There is so much to explain. There are are interfaces between different layers in the sample and each interface looks different. I am compiling reasons for this and the possible consequences.

It is still a working progress that will be accelerating soon. This Friday I will be going to Argonne again, so I will be learning more.


As for being a peer leader, it is nice. I like being able to help the new researchers and “show them the ropes” or guidelines to research the best that I can. Last month’s activity was lunch at a nice diner near school. Everyone enjoyed it very much. This month, also this coming Friday, I will be holding a study session for my group. Although we are in different fields, it is good to create an environment that is comfortable for promoting studying and learning. I am hoping to bring some nice snacks for my group. I hope they enjoy the session.


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  1. Can’t wait to hear how your trip to Argonne went! Glad that you are enjoying being a peer leader. Keep up the good work!

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